Feel better with HerCycle Alignment™

Align your exercise, food and mood with your menstrual cycle to feel better and optimise your health and performance.

Bio-hack yourself by living in Cycle Alignment™

Living in alignment gets you prepared for your period, makes you feel good the whole month, and helps you optimise performance.

Feel good the whole month

Don’t settle with a raving PMS every month, you deserve to feel good the whole month.

Optimise Energy Levels

Smooth sailing through life by tracking and planning around Your energy levels.

Balance Nourishment

Accept that cravings are part of being a woman, we help you turn to the good nutrients all month long.

Be the first to test the HerCycle App

Learn more about Cycle Alignment and be among the first to test our app prototype and help shape the future of HerCycle. We want to co-create together with our community, your feelings matter to us. This is an app for women, developed by women.

The #1 wellness app for Menstruating women

Women experience a unique biological rhythm during their reproductive years, a cyclical pattern that impacts energy levels, metabolism, brain function, immune system activity, fertility and libido.

Cycle Tracker

Track your period and ovulation

Daily Plans

Get your personalised daily plan based on where you are in your cycle and how you feel


Connect with other women, learn, and share your Cycle Alignment journeys

Why Cycle Alignment™ makes women tick

“I want a customised wellness plan, especially since I’m facing cycle-related challenges. My body and mind doesn’t work exactly like others, I need to start from my own body and plan my wellness routine from there.”

“Knowledge is power. Knowing that my period is coming, knowing how I feel, and understanding why I feel the way that I feel is powerful.”

“I don’t have any big problems with my cycle, but I really want clarity on where I am in the cycle so I can schedule my workouts and plan my trips accordingly, it helps me optimise my physical and mental performance.”

..but first, align yourself


A Woman’s Guide to Optimal Health Through Cycle Alignment™

This guide is for you, if you ever feel like this..

“During my period and the days before I have cramps, I get a lot of cravings, I’m irritated at the world, and I break out in acne.”

“My cycle impacts my physical performance, some days I can run super fast and lift super heavy, and then some days I can barely bring myself to the gym or I’d feel really weak.”

“My period affects my energy levels, my temperament, and how I feel about myself. My body image is distorted and it affects my mood, my day would be ruined if I don’t like what I see in the mirror.”

Tune into your “fifth vital health” sign

The menstrual cycle reflects your overall health status and can be thought of as a “fifth vital sign,” along with blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

Manage your cycle-related challenges

Whether you’re grappling with irregular periods, fertility challenges, depression, or a diminished sex drive, know that hormonal birth control and antidepressants aren’t the only remedies available.